The Bakery
          We specialize in the personalized, from fancy cake balls and cupcake trays to character smash cakes and lavish wedding cakes. Our desserts always have that little extra something that makes them stand out in a crowd. Each cake is decorated with homemade buttercream icing and made with care to your specifications.
         No big party to attend? Visit us at our store front for a friendly chat and a wide selection of delightful snacks. Donuts, cookies, cakeballs, brownies, pastries, and monkey bread -- we even serve up vegan and gluten free on request.
2956 Highway K, O'Fallon, Missouri 63368

Our Products
  1. Cupcake Trays
    Cupcake Trays
    We can arrange cupcakes in whatever design fits your fancy. Cartoons , hot air balloons, dresses, whales. . .
  2. Dollcakes
    Our personal specialty. We can style them up or down. Single serving to Royal Size (serves 30)
  3. The Best Cakeballs
    The Best Cakeballs
    Moist delicious cake blended with homemade buttercream then dipped in decorative chocolate. Very wide variety of flavors and styles.
  1. Donuts & Daily Desserts
    Donuts & Daily Desserts
    Be the star at the office or the home by making Hey, Dollcakes a daily stop.
  2. Smash Cakes
    Smash Cakes
    Let your little one dig into their very own special birthday cake.
  3. Celebration Cakes
    Celebration Cakes
    Whatever the holiday or occasion Hey,Dollcakes has got you covered. Ask about our party packages!

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